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Free Retail Medical Stores Shops Software used for handling the medicine stock, customer transactions, ledger balance and stock reports. InventoryPlus medical shop management software solve all your issues of managing the medical shop. Our free Pharmacy software used to keep records of medicine, no more worries of handing the stock, Generation of bill, Invoice and other back-end process of generation of reports. InventoryPlus medical store software help to keep track of expired medicine, extract expiring medicine and sell it on deal.
Our Free Pharmacy Medical Store Software helps to find the availability and shortage of stock, fast-moving medicines reordered before stock closed down. Billing simplified using our POS barcode enabled system. Training the new staff to use the application is simple with our InventoryPlus simple user-friendly touch screen enabled system.

Highlights of Free Retail Medical Stores Shops Software

Manage Medical shop automation

  1. Automate your business with zero hidden fees
  2. Manage multiple medical shop and companies
  3. Multi-language support
  4. Multiple currency support
  5. Access restriction based on permission for each medical shop staff
  6. Monitor real-time sales of medical stores
  7. Auto backup facility helps easy recovery of medical store data
  8. LIFO or FIFO billing option allowed for batch / expire items
  9. Easy commission management with multiple configurable options
  10. Manage discount coupon promotion with various options

Manage medicine stock books

  1. Manage all medicines items
  2. Item Master Add/Edit and CSV import medicine from external system
  3. Group medicine based on category
  4. Set up low inventory stock alerts
  5. Rack/aisle location tracking for each product
  6. Analyse the expiring/ageing stock items
  7. Stock Status as per given date with BATCH/Expiry Date
  8. Purchase return and sales return can be easily handled
  9. Schedule H and Narcotic drug warning
  10. GST Ready Invoice template with all required GST features

Medical Stores Billing & accounting features

  1. POS sales entry system
  2. Generate sales bill by scanning barcode
  3. Customer Ledger and counter sales
  4. Receipt, Payment and Adjustment transaction allowed
  5. Sales in Strips & Tablets
  6. Multiple Customers Billing at same time on single PC
  7. Option for select the free/bonus quantity while generating the bill
  8. Option for discount entry in sales
  9. Sales terminal supports custom sales button with picture
  10. Cost effective thermal bill printing, sales bill customization supported

Medical Stores Reports

  1. Stock Register (Day wise / Brand Wise)
  2. Supplier transactions Ledger and export to excel features
  3. Daily Sales Report (Brand / Category Wise)
  4. Daily cash register
  5. Ageing reports/expired medicine reports
  6. Minimum Level Or Safety Stock alert report
  7. Sales Tax / VAT Register
  8. commission report based on sales man/doctors
  9. Barcode label printing
  10. Report can be exported to various formats

InventoryPlus available as “Software as a Service”, lifetime free software with full version

Our business model is simple. No need to pay hefty license fee for software(as like other software), we are giving software as a service (SAS), subscribe to any plan with nominal charge for hassle-free usage. We will be charging affordable yearly fee(10$/499Rs/year start with) for quality support, customization and advanced features who register for subscription, Click here to know more about subscription offers.


Free Retail Medical Stores Shops Software used in establishment

Medical shops, Chemists and druggists
Medical shops, Chemists and druggists
Ayurvedic medicine store and wholesale dealers
Ayurvedic medicine wholesale dealers
Hospital dispensaries stores
Hospital dispensaries stock handling
Homeopathy drug stores
Homeopathy drug stores

Why InventoryPlus Retail Medical Stores Shops Software?

  1. Number one software for Retail Medical Stores Shops and it is now free!
  2. InventoryPlus is in industry from last 10+ years, We know the industry and our solution best fit to daily requirements
  3. If you are running the medicine shop then this is the best software you should start using without second thought.
  4. Software supported by technical team who developed this software, you can get the accurate details and support

InventoryPlus Retail Medical Stores Shops software reference

Free Retail Medical Stores Shops Software | Pharmacy Management Software

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download pharmacy (medical store) software

free pharmacy (medical store) software video tutorial


free pharmacy (medical store) software

Items master screen

free pharmacy (medical store) software

Purchase Invoice

free pharmacy (medical store) software

Sales entry screen

Pharmacy (medical store) Tutorial

Medicine Stock handling

Creating new company


We know the importance of support even though produce is high quality. InventoryPlus dedicated support team give the quality supports to run business smoothly. Our support starts with setup the environment on provided workstation. If required train the users to understand the required functionality to run the business with InventoryPlus software.
Our Motto is provide quality software as free of cost. Automate the business to encourage paperless transaction. charge reasonably for giving the quality support
download pharmacy (medical store) software

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