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InventoryPlus is Free Supermarket Software help to automate the super market retail business. InventoryPlus software help you to track the super market inventory, manage the account ledgers, supports the BARCODE SCANNER, Thermal printer used to print the sales bill.
Supermarket software/shop software is simple and user friendly interface so any normal user can operate it. System simplifies the new staff training. Inbuilt access control help to safeguard data. SMS and EMAIL integration is possible so when new bill generated and payment received system will send the SMS/Email to your customer. Customer can get the balance notification SMS.

Highlights of Free Supermarket software features

Manage Supermarket with InventoryPlus  

  1. GST Ready Inventory management software
  2. SMS and Email sending feature inbuilt
  3. Manage accounts, track due bills easily
  4. Access restriction based on user permission
  5. Software works on network and accessible from multiple system
  6. Works on Off-line mode
  7. Cloud solution available for centralised system
Manage Inventory in supermarket stock  

  1. Robust inventory control to analyse movement of goods
  2. Set up low inventory stock alerts
  3. Group grocery based on category
  4. Track expiry goods
  5. Import your existing inventory easily
  6. Manage product with image
  7. Track product with HSN No as per GST
Supermarket software Billing & accounting features  

  1. Touch screen supported POS sales entry system
  2. Sell by scanning barcode
  3. Thermal billing supported
  4. Manage different types of price scheme and tax scheme
  5. Purchase, Sales Register
  6. Manage different type of payments while selling
  7. Configurable product button in sales screen
  8. Sales bill/Invoice can be customizable using software
Supermarket software Reports  

  1. Stock Register (Day wise / Brand Wise)
  2. Daily terminal wise payment collection
  3. Daily Sales Report (Brand / Category Wise)
  4. Daily cash register
  5. Supplier Ledger
  6. Stock alert report
  7. GST / Tax Collection report
  8. Barcode label printing with various option

InventoryPlus available as “Software as a Service”, free supermarket software with all features

Our business model is simple. No need to pay hefty license fee for software(as like other software), we are giving software as a service (SAS), subscribe to any plan with nominal charge for hassle-free usage. We will be charging affordable yearly fee(10$/499Rs/year start with) for quality support, customization and advanced features who register for subscription, Click here to know more about subscription offers.


Supermarket software shop software used in establishment

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Supermarket software billing software, Grocery shop Inventory accounting
Supermarket software billing using barcode and thermal printer supported sales invoice.
 Supermarket software billing software, Grocery shop Inventory accounting
Manage Hypermarket Inventory accounting
 Supermarket software billing software, Grocery shop Inventory accounting
Supermarket billing and inventory control software

Why InventoryPlus Free Supermarket software ?

  1. Number one Free Supermarket software and it is now free!
  2. InventoryPlus is in industry from last 15+ years, We know the industry and our solution best fit to daily requirements
  3. We will provide the database of product used in super market, departmental, Grocery and supermarket business. Our list of collection help to automate the quick start the business without waiting for entering all master entry.
  4. Our ready to start inventory and accounting software help to manage all type of accounting and inventory automation.
  5. Integration of SMS and Email sending feature is simple and it is out of the box. It help to reach your wide array of customers, Our transactional SMS System will send the message to DND registered number as well so customer able to see the balance notification message without fail and will pay the balance money in time.

InventoryPlus Free Supermarket software reference

 Free Supermarket software | Grocery shop Inventory accounting billing software

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  • Starting new store? then relax, download master list and start building business, our collection consists of 3000+ products sold in India, Download the database Visit here
 Free Supermarket software | Grocery shop Inventory accounting billing software

Free Supermarket software Demo


 Free Supermarket software

Items master screen

 Free Supermarket software

Purchase Invoice

 Free Supermarket software

Sales entry screen

Free conventional store software sample

Supermarket software tutorials

Creating new company


We know the importance of support even though produce is high quality. InventoryPlus dedicated support team give the quality supports to run business smoothly. Our support starts with setup the environment on provided workstation. If required train the users to understand the required functionality to run the business with InventoryPlus software.
 Free Supermarket software | Grocery shop Inventory accounting billing software

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