Automation of Medical shop required huge effort to feed the mater data(item master) and categorising with different groups. As we understand the issue, we have consolidated around 24000 medicines database and we have categorized the stock items as per InventoryPlus. Now it is simple to automating your business withMedicine Database for Medical store/warehouse InventoryPlus.

Are you looking for generic Medicine for “Pradhan Manthri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Kendra”, then we have good news for you. We have consolidated generic medicine list can be used at Pradhan Manthri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Kendra drug shop InventoryPlus software. Generic drug db can be downloaded from  Here.

  • If you want to build database manually it will take more then 20 person days to enter all 25000 drugs into any system, Start your business by downloading the medicine database as we are offering the database rate of 10 cup of coffees!.
  • You have to enter the opening balance of the materials or you can do it side by side once after acquiring the drug database. You can start using InventoryPlus for billing and stock handling right away.
  • Our collection consists of regularly selling items like shampo, soap, toothbrush, cream etc,. addition to regular medicine.
  • Schedule H and Narcotic drug warning available only if drug database purchased from us. Software will display the drug alert for specified drugs while selling, it can be sold only with prescription
  • Indian Users visit here to download the 24000 item drug db completely FREE!
  • We have the drub db collection for Kenya and Bangladesh visit here to download db, It will be available for advanced members only, Contact us for more details.

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