Frequent Ask Questions

  1. How to get the support? –   Video tutorials and our help document will solve most of your queries, If you have any operational difficulties then contact the Support team.
  2. Registering the software is required?  –  Registering the software is not mandatory. If you want to get the software update with all latest release you should register the company.
  3. I am not an expert in computer; will I be able to do the installation by my own? – Installation is Simple. Run setup.exe and fallow the instruction given by installation package. If you want to use in network systems is so simple just install Motor survey plus in all node. Create the shortcut from the server on all client node
  4. Will this module ready for any future software upgrading? – Yes, our system will always do its R&D and always trying to maximize the usage of computer in industry.
  5. Can I simply change the server from PC to PC ? – Yes, it is advisable you should dedicate a PC as the server if you are running the big company with huge volume of transactions.
  6. Will this program affect my other program performance, such as interruption on network connectivity? – No, system is well designed in such a way it is a passive type of program which do not take much of your computer resources and never affect your network connectivity.
  7. Software customization is possible on request? – Yes, Software customization can be done as per request. Contact support team
  8. Motor survey plus is online or offline software – Motor survey plus is offline software, no internet connection is required.
  9. We want to install the software on multiple system, software license supports multiple system? – There is no installation and usage restriction on any number of system. Install software on desktop, laptop and tablet computer.
  10. Survey reports, bill customization is supported – Yes, We will customize the report as per request.


If have any question please comment it below.

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