InventoryPlus Subscription




INR 499/Year
OR $20/year


INR 999/Year
OR $40/year


INR 1999/Year
OR $60/year

Software is 100% free!, No restriction on data, volume, trial period etc,.
Customize home screen with company logo and address instead of InventoryPlus copyright text
Add your choice image to home page, click here for sample
Admin user able to change the sales bill format, Reports can be edited as per requirements
InventoryPlus Plugin
Setup and configuration assistance
Free Support tickets 2 Tickets/Year 4 Tickets/Year
Support type Limited email support Dedicated email support Premium support Plan for Partner/Distributor
  • We are able to offer affordable price because we are not spending on marketing, advertisements etc,. There is no hidden conditions whatsoever. Our MOTO is to give quality software with affordable price.
  • We are providing the Software As a Service (SAS), No need to purchase the software(like other software) We are offering the nominal yearly subscription charge for getting upgrade, advanced feature and quality support
  • Ticket should be raised in case of breakdown or any other support request, 30 Minutes of support will be provided for each tickets.
  • After purchasing the subscription, registration file will be delivered with in 24 hours after getting the serial number
  • * Subscription license(Advanced/Unlimited) applicable to Server and client connect to server in local area network(Private LAN) only
  • Any new feature request will be charged accordingly, however our subscriber entitled to upgrade the software when we released new version and allowed to use all feature based on subscription.
  • Enterprise plan meant for InventoryPlus partner/distributor. Distributors getting the special price for bulk subscription requests. Partners are offering the onsite support to InventoryPlus users so we are allowing flexi price plan and we are not responsible for any transactions occurred through enterprise plan
  • Refer here for InventoryPlus regional price in USD
  • New to InventoryPlus? We will help you to automate the business with dedicated training on additional cost, Contact here for more details
  • We are not responsible for cross selling activity incurred, we will be accepting the only payment as listed above. Distributors may charge additional fee for giving the onsite support and training.

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