Download Cloth Store master details

Initial software configuration and loading the master data is time taking task, We have configured the master details and categorized the all master entry for women wares, Data can be used for cloth store, screes shop, women cloth shop and show room, We have consolidated around 400+ materials for you.

  • If you want to enter the stock and organize the group manually it will take 5 person days to enter all 400+ Items into any system, as we are offering the master items in throw away price (rate of 5 cup of coffees!).
  • You have to enter the opening balance of the materials/items once after purchasing the item masters. After entering the balance you can start using InventoryPlus billing system.
  • Watch the below video about the items we have added, it contains the ladies garment ship products
  • Purchase basic inventoryPlus to get eh cloth store database, It consists of around 400+ items. Alogn with database you will be eligible for getting the support as well, refer here for mode about InventoryPlus membership
  • Download product collection from here

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